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Our courses are aimed at developing technical and relational skills, with a special focus on professional growth.

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Q3 2022

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Our students reviews

No one better than a student can tell the experience in Academy

I attended the Testing Quality Assurance course offered by Clariter Academy and it was really fun! I learned a lot of notions about Testing, what it is used for, the various techniques and tools used to perform and also how to use the Automation Tools. Finally, we understood what the life cycle of a report means and how to classify failures. It was a beautiful experience that I recommend to anyone who wants to approach the world of Testing!

Romina S.

Testing QA Student, october 2021

I feel compelled to thank you for the strong interest shown and for all that you have offered me with the Academy, both on an educational and human level.

Federico L.

Testing QA Student, october 2021

The course was extremely formative, for those like me who started with no basic knowledge, I found an environment with very professional teachers, who had passion in what they did and who knew how to be clear and understandable, even in a short period of time.

Gabriele C.

Testing QA Student, october 2021

Upcoming Courses

Business Application

End-to-end creation of a business application to bring your business to life.

7 weeks | Online | Part time

Startup and Innovation

Learn how to use the most modern tools to create and validate a business model.

5 weeks | Online | Weekend

Digital Transformation

Study the application of IoT, AI and Blockchain technologies in the main production sectors.

6 weeks | Online | Weekend